Hands up, everyone who loves going to the dentist! Anyone?

That’s what I thought. Most grown-ups get at least a little bit anxious about sitting down in the dentist’s chair. Some are so nervous they put off going to the dentist for years.  So we really shouldn’t be surprised when children get anxious too. After all, a dentist’s office is a pretty strange place, full of weird equipment, where kids are asked to do hard things like sit still and let a stranger poke around in their mouth. 

That’s why I created Tooth Fairy Kids. I want to give my young patients a playful environment where their fear and anxiety is replaced by a love of going to the dentist.  I believe that kids raised with fear-free dentistry will grow into adults who care for their teeth every day and don’t hesitate to schedule regular check-ups. Now, you might be thinking, “Dr. Tila, how do you make being in the dentist’s chair playful and fun when it’s usually so stressful?”  Well, the game changer for me — and for my patients — came early in my practice, when I discovered the incredible power of using clinical hypnosis with anxious kids. 

After a LOT of training, I innovated a playful hypnosis-based treatment approach that engages the imaginations of nervous kids. This helps them relax and become more patient and co-operative during procedures. The more I learn about hypnosis, the more amazed I am by how it puts kids at ease. Clinical hypnosis truly transforms going to the dentist from scary to fun!  I’m a firm believer in preventive care, so a visit to Tooth Fairy Kids always includes education.

I offer my patients and their caregivers evidence-based advice on brushing those pearly whites and on how different diets affect dental health.  My goal as a pediatric dentist is to set each child up with a lifelong practice of oral care at home and a sense of trust and confidence in their dental team. I look forward to meeting you and your family! You can read about my education, qualifications, and experience here.